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  • About Us. Canadian Health & Care Mall

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    Dear visitor, we warmly welcome you at our site and we hope that you will have a fulfilling and pleasurable experience shopping with us or just looking around.

    As nobody else, we understand the importance of making an informed choice when looking for a pharmacy that you can entrust your health to. We are therefore very open about who we are and how we came to be.
    Scroll on to learn about our milestones and philosophy behind our business.

    History of Canadian Health Care Mall

    Early 90s

    Canadian Mall came into existence almost 15 years ago, when our CEO Dr. Edward B. Armington launched a pharmacy chain in Toronto and Ottawa in the beginning of 90s. Star Trek and Deep Space 9 were all the hype on the telly, and Canadian Health Mall was beginning to have the hype of the day among connoisseurs of pharmacy shopping.

    Back then, we made it to be such a huge hit as a family-friendly Health & Care store by pinning cut-rate, dime-a-dozen price tags to the most needed drugs approved by The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (CPA).

    A fact that left many jaws on the floor was our smooth transition from bricks to clicks. By the late 90s we discovered a way to come up with even more steal buys and mark down the price for every single drug we had in store by skipping the rent and other expenses involved in running an actual pharmacy chain. That was the beginning of Canadian Health Care online as all of you know it today.

    The Aughts

    …Well, not exactly as you know us today. We’ve been evolving at a fast pace, and before too long we became the news with our unmatched far-flung delivery of affordable drugs all around the world. But the concept of making personal and medical care products more attainable has been our companion and a signature style throughout our entire history.

    We have been aligning ourselves with the reputable cutting-edge drug manufacturers quartered internationally. We brainstormed to set to going a complicated system of logistics that cut our delivery costs by half, making our products still cheaper for you. We never stinge on raising our personnel’s wages to keep them happy, motivated and charged with the energy to perform (and this is exactly our dirty little secret behind softly-assistive customer support, if you’ve been wondering as to why all this indulgence they show to you).

    2006-Until now

    Canadian Mall is still going gangbusters in 2015, all with a self-reinventive vein that made us known in the first place. We’ve made it until now by realizing that this is not about perfection, but about progress. Believing that you’ve reached the top will prompt you to rest and stagnate, and to ultimately lose the race with the time. Instead, we believe that we can get better with every new day.

    Today we’ve added an ample choice of generics to appeal to customers of different means and needs. We are aware of the fact that many consumers struggle to kick the ever-growing list of overpriced pharmacy care items out of their homes. Canadian Mall online is an essential standby for such aware customers.

    We are thankful too all of you who’ve made this journey with us through the years, and we welcome the first-timers to partake of our experience, care and high standards of quality.


    Canadian Health&Care Mall Team