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  • How Fast Food Influences Our Organism

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    Today’s world is all about hurrying somewhere and lacking time to do stuff. That’s the reason why most people resort to fast food as a part of their nutrition plan to have a fast bite in a fast food café or near the bus stop and go on running errands or doing business. There’s no wonder why such unbalanced nutrition became so popular – it’s a fast, convenient and affordable way to provide your body and brain with the needed energy for the rest of the day.

    However, every-day consumption of junk food may lead to various health issues that most people are unaware of. Moreover, foods that are highin fat, sodium, cholesterol and sugar can negatively affect both emotional and physical health.

    Top 5 Reasons NOT to Eat Fast Food Every Day

    Reason #1. Excess weight

    When you eat fast food, you consume meals that are high in fats and calories. An average lunch that contains a burger, fries and a cup of Coke may reach up to 800 calories, which is too much for one meal. To compare, the caloric intake for an average woman equals 1,600-2,300 calories a day, while men need about 2,000-3,000 calories. When you eat more than your body needs, you put your health at risk and may be among those suffering from obesity.

    Reason #2. Diabetes

    As junk food contains lots of sugar and carbohydrates, frequent consumption of such food may harm your metabolism and pump up the production of insulin leading to type 2 diabetes. Our body is a complex system which needs food containing complex carbohydrates and protein to maintain its health and optimal sugar levels. But constant junk food consumption damages the pancreas which is responsible for insulin production in the body and leads to dangerous health conditions if excess calories are not burnt with the help of physical exercises.

    Reason #3. Depression

    The research conducted on this issue states that there is a certain connection between fast food consumption and depression. People who took part in the research ate fatty dairy products, fried food, red and processed meat, lots of sugar and desserts due to their everyday and work habits. Additionally other reports from healthcare professionals prove that fast food may turn out to be addictive.

    Reason #4. Low IQ level in kids

    As we all know children need to consume lots of vegetables and fruit to develop both physically and mentally. According to the research results published in “Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health” when kids constantly consume foods high in fat and sugar, they tend to have lower IQ than their peers who eat healthy. That means if children get used to high-calorie meals so early in their life, their habits may not change in the future and this may lead to severe health damage.

    Reason #5. Bad influence on the body in general

    Junk food negatively influences the following body systems:

    • Digestive
    • Respiratory
    • Cardiovascular
    • Central nervous system
    • Bones and skin

    Though fast food is a fast and tasty alternative to healthy meals, when used in moderation and combined with work-out it will not harm your general health condition. But when it is taken too frequently, it will definitely lead to health issues in the future. Take care of your health and devote several hours a day to cooking healthy food and you will definitely live long.