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  • Why Canadian Health&Care Mall Patients Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Side Effects?

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    Television commercials and happy people from a TV screen are professionals in creating the false idea that any ED pills are as safe as effective. Speaking of the results they ensure, they are outstanding and millions of men from around the globe are already convinced. What about the side effects? Unlike other Canadian pharmacies CHCM team isn’t going to mislead its clients telling them that no adverse reactions are ever going to happen. As a matter of fact, even the highest quality medications carry some risks, especially ED medications like Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and others. Nevertheless, if you are knowledgeable and know basic preventive or eliminating techniques, things aren’t that bad.

    Medicines Never Treat the Root Cause, Do They?

    Before learning more about health risks after generic pills consumption, every patient has to remember a quite simple rule: no ED pill is able to cure the root factor and cause that led to impotence. Some symptoms can be eliminated and men can get back to a normal sexual life, yet for 4-5 hours only. After the active ingredient leaves the body, erections are no longer achievable.

    Minor and Serious Potential Side Effects That Scare the Hell out of Men

    Side Effects

    Whatever ED medication is ordered from Canadian Health and Care Mall, side effects come in package. Majority of users don’t experience them after the third or second intake, while others both benefit and suffer from the pills consumption: they become superior in bed, yet face adverse body reactions that do bother them a lot.

    Mild reactions:

    1. flushing: users report feeling the face turn red and flash after taking the medication. This isn’t a severe condition and it usually vanishes on its own. Professional assistance is needed only when flushing doesn’t disappear after an hour or so;
    2. headache: it is common practically for all Viagra or Cialis users. The experienced headache is normally mild and is treated with regular over the counter medications. It may be also left alone as it is usually not long lasting;
    3. dizziness or fainting: the cases of dizziness, and fainting as its severe form, are very rare. According to statistics, there have been only a few of them. Though the condition is not very common, it is regarded as a potential danger;
    4. back ache: muscle ache increase is reported by those, who use ED pills very often. This case is regular for men, who lead an active sexual lifestyle and aren’t going to refuse from their habits because of ED issues;
    5. indigestion/diarrhea: it may occur after taking ED pills. Though different CHCM drugs may have different influences, depending on foods and drinks that they interact with. For more details you can contact our online specialist to find out more about what can/can’t be taken with the prescribed medications;
    6. nasal stuffiness: runny or stuffy nose (flu-like symptoms) are mild symptoms that appear occasionally and far not every ED suffer experiences them;
    7. priapism: unlike others, this condition is pretty painful. Erections can remain for hours and become disturbing and too painful. This is the condition that always requires special medical attention for penis damage prevention.

    Severe reactions:

    1. vision problems: lately researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School conducted trials that discovered the risks of vision problems development after taking Viagra. Men between 50 and 70 years old can suffer from the optic nerve swelling. The vision loss isn’t total, yet it leads to discomfort;
    2. blindness: this is a very serious side effect that can be associated with the use of impotence treatment medications. It differs from the bluish hue that is observed in patients because of the interaction of phosphodiesterase in the eye. When the first symptoms and complications occur, a patient should refuse from drugs and consult his physician as to possible reactions and the ways to avoid them. Normally, there’s a chance to avoid complications by reducing the dosage;
    3. NAION: it is called non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy that develops when the blood supply from the optic nerve’s front part is cut off. NAION is accompanied by blurred vision and multiple hemorrhages in the eye.

    Reducing ED Pills Side Effects OR How to Remain Safe

    Occasionally every impotent men on pills experiences side effects. Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall www.healthcaremallofficial.com we are sure that our patients shouldn’t be afraid or get puzzled when any of adverse reactions affects their bodies. We suggest easy-to-do steps that can ease most symptoms.

    Cool cloths for flushing

    We’ve mentioned that flushing is one of the commonest adverse reactions experienced by men on pills. It can be treated with a quite simple method: apply a cool cloth to your warm skin. If there’s not a chance to do it, go outside or move to a cooler room. Forget about intercourse for 10-15 minutes, just breathe deeply and relax.

    ! Flushing will reduce, yet it won’t disappear for good. It’ll take about 2-3 hours for it to vanish completely and even if it remains longer, it doesn’t lead to any threat.

    Over-the-counter medications for headaches

    Do you experience headaches every time you take Viagra or any other pills from CHCM? Treat the condition with over-the-counter medications or even aspirin (recommendations are usually provided by a doctor). Don’t forget to drink much water while consuming a pain reliever as it may lead to mild dehydration which is another headache trigger. Whenever there’s a severe headache, talk to your physician about Viagra dosage reduction.

    Over-the-counter medications for heartburn and upset stomach

    The choice of medication depends on the severity of the condition. Combining certain drugs with PDE 5 inhibitors can be a tricky thing, so it’s important to consider professional recommendations. If you are an experienced Viagra patient and suffer heartburn after each intake, make sure over-the-counter medications are taken before the intercourse to prevent possible side effects.

    Mild symptoms often pass within couple of hours after taking the drug. If vision problems are persistent, you can avoid bright lights, yet this tip is far from being very helpful. When any symptoms worry you, you can call your doctor or address one of experts of Canadian Health and Care Mall via online chat. Adverse reactions aren’t something you should be afraid of: the right dosage and a few preventive tricks will eliminate any of them and allow enjoying intercourse.