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  • Canadian Mall Spam Policy

    spam policy canadian health care mallWe will never send junk mail your way. We are not a spamming type, and we do not approve of this sort of obsessive-compulsive marketing behaviour. We are of a strong opinion that such base tactics does nothing but alienating of customers. As an actual matter, we take a tough stance on junk mail matters, and we are ready to share the strategies we swear by on how to ward off spammers hacking into your privacy.

    So how come that you still get emails from somebody calling themselves Canadian Health Care Mall?

    The cyberspace is unfortunately riddled with fraud and rogues of all shapes and sizes. And since Canadian Mall is such a resonant name, it pays to impersonate us, purporting to draw your attention or your money from you. And it is our image that is no less a victim of this practice than you are. That is why we are so opposed to any such policy and we highly encourage you to let us know about such instances.

    Here is how you can come up with a fitting rebuff and to keep your mailbox clean of all things obtrusive:

    • Whenever you receive any junk mail (unrequested letters of commercial or any other nature, to which you did not subscribe), tick off the spam message and click on ‘This is spam!’ button. The messages you ticked off will be moved to the system folder containing spam letters, referred to as Junk Mail folder by most email service providers;
    • Do not reply to such letters, ever. By responding you will declare yourself as an actual person on whom marketing ploys can be successfully practiced;
    • Note that in the sad majority of cases following the Unsubscribe link will not get you anywhere. It is actually a way to get swamped even deeper: to follow this link is to confirm that your existing mailbox is up and running. This is yet another trick to monitor spam-sensitive recipients that are alive and kicking.

    We highly recommend marking such letters as spam and set filters to sift through letters sent from rogue addresses.