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  • Top Places to Buy Canadian Medications Online

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    Providing a convenient, economical, and safe way of purchasing medications, online Canadian pharmacies have changed the entire idea of the overall process. Selling generic medications mainly most reliable Canadian pharmacies managed to grant their customers a favorable opportunity of getting quality medications at reasonable prices. Of course, the price is only one of the features that make generics more preferred. But there is more.

    Generic and Brand-Name Drugs: What Do They Have in Common?

    Canadian Pharmacy

    Generic drugs are identical to the brand-name ones when it comes to major features (intended use, quality, safety, strength, dosage, form, route of administration, etc.). The only difference between these groups of drugs is in the name and shape because these are the intellectual property of some particular manufacturer.

    Everybody knows how expensive proprietary drugs are. An example to compare: one Pfizer Viagra pill costs around $15 dollars while generic Sildenafil Citrate sets back around a dollar or two per pill. Surely, no one will dispute that Pfizer pills will always be number one but the difference in price is something to bear in mind. It is clear, not all people can afford expensive brand names like the mentioned above. Purchasing non-proprietary medicines from highly regarded online drugstores is a great alternative of acquiring quality medications at a fair price without health sacrifice.

    Top Canadian Pharmacies to Choose from

    Reliable online Canadian pharmacies satisfy four main criteria: an assorted range of generic medications, fair pricing, personal information protection and immaculate customer service.

    From a huge number of such pharmacies we have selected three that in our opinion not only meet the mentioned criteria but feature other specific offers brought in brief below:

    Canadian Health&Care Mall (сanadianhealthcaremalll.com) is one of the old timers on the market that operates independently from the offline store chain and cooperates with reputable manufacturers only. All products meet the strict standards of CPhA. It provides international shipping, in-time delivery (Express Courier (EMS), Regular Airmail), free delivery insurance (over $200) and 24/7 support via ticket system. Additionally, the pharmacy features a system of bonuses and various return offers.