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  • Top 10 Most Traumatic Jobs: Is Yours in the List?

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    According to the sad statistics of different Labor Bureaus about 5,000 people receive fatal injuries at their working place every year. Actually any job can turn out to be dangerous or, better to say, potentially dangerous, even the office one. Still there are some professions that are closely connected with high risk factors. Let’s have a look what jobs are considered to be safe and unsafe nowadays and what conditions are considered to be unsafe officially.

    When is your work considered to be a dangerous one and when are the conditions unsafe?

    • Improper maintenance of machines, equipment or tools.
    • Insufficient inspection both of workplace conditions and accident prevention.
    • Issues with working warning systems such as fire alarm.
    • Lack of medical assistance and work injury records.
    • Lack of information, first aid training.

    It goes without saying that safety standards vary for each and every profession. When it comes to jobs connected with high risks for health, the term “imminent danger” should be explained. In legal circles it refers to any condition that leads to direct and immediate harm for an employee, be it injuries, sickness or even death. Any worker has a right to refuse and quit the job that is prone to imminent danger. As a rule, people who take unsafe jobs are aware of the risks or work hazards.

    Top 10 Unsafe Jobs 

    The most dangerous jobs as per number of injured workers and fatal cases are in our top 10 below:

    1. Construction workers are objectively on the top of this sad list. It refers to all types of construction works: carpentry, plasterwork, stone and concrete work, drilling, etc.
    2. Power-line installers and repairers. This job includes constant work under high voltage and electric shock risk. Even experienced workers fall under daily health risk and extremely high fatal cases index.
    3. Work in the agricultural sector only sounds safe. Hard work that depends on natural conditions, agricultural equipment, big and small livestock also involves a rather high risk index.
    4. Driver/Delivery workers. All types of drives fall under the risk of traffic accidents, collisions and as a result injuries or even worse. As for delivery workers, this profession is connected with high violence and robbery risks regardless of the nature of delivery.
    5. Miners and mining machines operators. Both underground and surface work in the mining field is harmful and dangerous. The risks are: black lungs, different respiratory disorders, blockages and other life stopping situations.
    6. E-garbage or other wastes collectors are all about biological hazards as their job refers to working with infectious plant material: bacteria and viruses, animal and bird droppings and radioactive waste.
    7. Roofers. Falling and heat stroke are the most common reasons for injuries.
    8. Pilots. Due to constant stress and responsibility this profession risks are mostly mental.
    9. Fishermen (especially deep sea ones) suffer from unfixed equipment and high risks of natural disasters.
    10. Woodsman is not a forester. His reality is sharp saws, heavy trees and constant danger.

    Unfortunately, you did not find exotic alligator wrestlers or lions tamers in the list. Surely these two are also dangerous still not so many people do it. Out of the statistics, out of the list.

    As for police officers, some statistics do consider this profession to be one of the most dangerous; still, it is not at top ten as it does not depend on natural conditions or equipment risks as the above mentioned jobs.

    A-List of Safest Jobs

    For most of the world safe means financially secure, so these are stable and safe:

    • Bank workers
    • Physicians
    • IT people
    • Biotechnology workers