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  • How long can a man do without sex

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    man do without sex

    The sexologists from different countries basing on the results of numerous studies and inspection came to a conclusion that women can do without sex much longer than less patient men. The reason of that lies in the difference of the physiology of men and women.

    Men can survive on the average 3 weeks without sexual intercourses, while women can wait for even more than 7-8 weeks. The frequency of sexual relations influences the human behaviour directly. The long absence of sex in men increases the level of general discontent and impatience that lead to the unreasonable anger and madness.

    The sexologists also defined the difference of relations and sexual activity depending on the age of a man. Twenty ears old active youngsters aim to vary their sexual relations, the high level of testosterone makes him want to get the sexual satisfaction with any partner and at any time. During this period they prefer quantity rather than quality of sex.

    It is necessary to mention that despite the young age the body requires recreation, and the brain requires pleasure. Modern men who want to combine these two parameters often resort to stimulators. That is they take drugs for the improvement of potency that let them stand by even for 36 hours in a row. The boys at this age are learning to be males, gain experience, and of course, they do not want to disappoint their partners.

    At this age young men also face one more problem – overexcitement or psychological reasons, worries that they would not be able to satisfy their partners. This problem nowadays can be solved by the administration of pills for the prolongation of sex that help man to get the sufficient sex experience.

    When a man turns more than 30, sexual relations come to the background. The lust for sex is the same, but he focuses on it less. The priorities shift aside to stability and balance, family and children appear. Activity and energy now is directed to work, solving of various routine and family issues.

    This entire load exhausts the male body quite heavily; in addition, he has not time to have sex when he wants it. All this leads to sex according to schedule, partners plan sex in mind either for the late night or for a weekend.

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    The time passes, and when the age comes to 40, men face the midlife crisis. From the physical point of view men do not experience a big difference at the age of 30 and 40, they are more influenced by the psychological factors. The care about himself, his physical condition and health comes to the foreground.

    The most significant factor from the psychological point of view, in the opinion of sexologists, is the men’s fear of prostatitis or the erectile dysfunction. In fact, men have enough experience and skills at this age to become the perfect lovers. They finally start to prefer quality over quantity, and the precious experience brings the variability into the private life of already adult man.

    For men that experience the problem of erectile dysfunction sexologists strongly recommend not to wait and consult the specialist. The problem may be solved quite fat and without special efforts. Modern pills for the increasing of potency help millions of men everyday to live the natural sexual life and always stay in tonus.